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Hiring International Students

Steps for Hiring International Students

International students are not eligible for the Federal Work Study (FWS) program and may only work under the Institutional Employment (IE) program. If the student has not found a position, but would like to search for one, you may refer them to the HireADore job bank to peruse a list of available positions or refer them to this website.

International students working at VUMC are restricted to positions that serve the Vanderbilt University academics or directly serve students.

If the student has worked on campus before reach out to your HCM to complete a rehire in Oracle.

If the student is a new hire to Vanderbilt campus , once a position is offered, all international students should take the following steps:

The closest office to Vanderbilt is:
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615-736-2248 S

W-4:  Students should email All non-US citizens must complete their W-4 in Glacier. 

  • International Tax Office reviews/completes:
      • W-4
      • Tax Treaty forms, if applicable
      • The Tax Summary Report (TSR)
  • I-9: The student will complete this process at Vanderbilt HR - located in the Baker Building, 110 21st Ave. South, Suite 1000 (10th floor). The student will need a copy of their social security card or the SS5 receipt issued by the Social Security Administration.
  • Hiring department reviews/completes:
    • New Hire in Oracle- A US-issued Social Security number is required or proof that one has been applied for. Attach a copy of the SSA receipt (a copy also sent to the International Tax Office). If the SSN has not been received, use the student’s Placeholder SSN.
      • Forward document to Student Employment at 2309 West End Ave.
  • International students are limited to working 19 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters. Full-time employment (20-40 hours per week) is allowed during vacation periods and Summer for enrolled and continuing students.