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Hiring Student Workers

Once a position is posted on HireADore, students may start applying. When it is time to offer a student the position, a department HCM Specialist will process the hire in Oracle

All New Hire student employees must complete:

  • W-4:     Student workers may submit or update their W-4 information online by logging into the Oracle system, going to Navigator, ME, Pay.  Then select Tax Withholding.
  • I-9 Process: The I-9 must be completed prior to the student start date. 

Hour Limitation

Undergraduate/ International students are limited to a 19 hours per week, inclusive of all positions, while school is in session. Students may work up to 40 hours per week over holiday and summer breaks.

International students working at VUMC are restricted to positions that serve the Vanderbilt University academics or directly serve students.

Graduate/ Professional students are limited to 29.5 hours per week, inclusive of all positions, while school is in session. Academic programs may have additional restrictions on maximum number of hours worked weekly.

Summer Break

All enrolled students can work up to 40 hours per week, all jobs combined during summer months.

Federal Work Study Eligibility

  1. Confirm the student is FWS eligible in HireADore by viewing their job application.
  2. Please keep a job description on file as Student Employment may contact you for a copy.
  3. Complete the hire process in Oracle. Once the hire is approved through workflow, the HCM Specialist must add the FWS costing.
  4. The 2023-2024 FWS cost share is 70% FWS.  The VU department costing equals 30%.
    This is subject to change without notice pending funding availability.

Any regular student worker assignment changes to a FWS assignment must coincide with pay period start dates.

FWS Costing String for 2023-2024 380.05.38600.5140.
             Project  =  SFP_302161
             Org        = 26200
             Expend  = SalStud
             Task       = 1

Please review the HCM Costing Guide for information on how to enter costing correctly.