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October 2013 - The Buzz Newsletter

Newsletter for VU Campus Employers

Winter Break and End of 2013 Processes

Students will be leaving campus for their winter break in early December. You do not need to submit a Term/End PAF if they will be returning to their position spring semester.

Please ensure that your students have reported all time worked and been paid for time worked in the 2013 tax year. If students are not paid correctly/completely during the tax year it can lead to the following issues:

  • Creates issues of over/underpayment on their W-2.
  • Additional processing for HR Payroll, such as off-cycles check requests and/or correcting W-2s.
  • Impacts taxes and possibly the student's financial aid in the next year.

I - 9 Verification

Student employees must complete their I-9 prior to their first day of employment. Do not allow a student to work until this has been completed. Your student  employee may pick up a confirmation/receipt from Student Employment confirming this requirement has been completed.

Students must bring ORIGINAL documentation to Student Employment per the list provided on our website.  Until the student has the correct original documentation they should not be permitted to work. Thank you for your assistance with this federal requirement.

Kronos vs e-Timesheets

Vanderbilt HR has initiated a goal to move everyone (including student employees) to the Kronos time reporting system by the end of the fiscal year. HR is currently in the middle of a Kronos upgrade. However, Kronos cannot handle time reporting for employees with multiple jobs.  Therefore, when employees are identified with multiple active jobs/positions, the departments must move the student to e-timesheet.  This will be the process until HR can determine the best approach and implement a version of Kronos that can support the multiple jobs/positions held here at Vanderbilt.  HR will contact the departments and make sure the departments have the information they need to start using e-timesheet and to train their employees, if necessary.

For information regarding Kronos please contact the Kronos Department.

Paperwork Problems

PAF errors take away from time that could be spent entering/processing in order to meet deadlines. The error can cause delay in payroll and/or cause issues with C2HR/e-timesheets. Please check your paperwork prior to sending to Student Employment to ensure it is correct. Refer to the Department Guide on how to correctly complete these forms. Common errors are:

  • ID for one student with the name of another student on the same PAF
  • Wrong Social Security Number or spelling of the student’s name (include middle initials)
  • Job Code does not match the Job Code in the EDC line 
  • Wrong pay group listed
  • Missing information
  • Wrong Action/Reason listed (See page 10 in the Department Guide)
  • Hiring paperwork not attached to the additional paperwork.
  • Sending student employees/paperwork/timesheets to the wrong place. All must be sent to Student Employment. 

 Please note that all changes must be done via a PAF Turnaround. Please do not send emails for changes. You will be directed to complete this form.

End Date for Students Paid Monthly

Departments are submitting the wrong end date/termination date for students paid on monthly payroll. Student Employment has had to contact several departments to verify that the end date was correct so the student would not be prorated/shorted pay for the final month. Please review this procedure on page 11 of our Department Guide.

Due to time constraints, as of January 1st, 2014 , Student Employment will no longer contact departments to verify monthly end date/terminations. All monthly terminations will be entered per what is showing on the PAF. Any errors will need to be corrected by a PAF and APF (if payroll has been processed).

W-4 Issues

W-4 issues are ongoing. A large number of students have not reported to Student Employment to correct their 2013 W-4 even though they and their hiring department have received multiple emails regarding the issue. After three attempts the email and the incorrect W-4 go into the student’s file to show no response. We urge departments to assist their student employees on correcting issues as this impacts the students payroll and federal taxes. A W-4 guide can be found in the Department Guide.

New Timesheet Deadline

New Deadline: All paper timesheets must be received by Student Employment by 12 pm on Monday .  Drop boxes: it is advised that you make your drop prior to 9 am on Monday to ensure delivery before the deadline. If you miss the drop box before 9 am, then please hand deliver your student's timesheets to Student Employment. If you have a student deliver them to SE, then please make sure they are in a sealed envelope.

Timesheets must have the Pay Period End (PPE) date written at the top. Students/Departments are submitting e-Timesheets/Kronos as well as a paper timesheet for the same pay period.  This will cause the student to be overpaid and the department will need to complete a negative APF, plus obtain a check from the student for the overpayment. Students do not like to return money!

Student Employment continues to receive timesheets for prior pay periods (PRG). Please ensure your students are adhering to the payroll deadlines. Post the deadlines in their work area.  

e-Timesheets: If you do not see your student employee listed on your e-Timesheet list ask them to complete a paper timesheet for the first pay period of hire. Submit the paper timesheet to Student Employment .

Pay Rate Change - Tip

Pay rate changes for hourly paid students should be effective at the start of a week.  The payroll system cannot recognize a mid-week effective date and may cause the student to be paid incorrectly.