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Exam Proctoring

Remote Exam Accommodations

While Vanderbilt classes are meeting remotely, instructors will provide course content in a variety of ways; we assume most will use Brightspace. We have instructions posted on our website and have emailed faculty how to adjust extended time for exams; however, with all of the changes going on, some instructors may not see this. Please be sure to follow up with each of your instructors and remind them of your testing accommodations well before an exam. By doing this, it will give your instructor time to contact us, if needed, to ensure your exam is accessible.

If you run into any additional access issues, please notify SAS immediately.

The SAS Testing Center will remain open. If you are on campus and need an accessible environment to take your exam, you are welcome to schedule with our office. As a reminder, you will still need to make sure the exam request is approved for the correct date/time on the Commodore Access Portal.

You may want to be proactive and see if any of your Brightspace quizzes require the Respondus Lockdown Browser, as more faculty may be using it during this shift to online-only learning.

Additionally, Vanderbilt's Center for Teaching and Learning has created this student support page for online learning.

If you have questions or concerns about the details of your exam, please reach out to your instructor.

Thank you for your patience as the university monitors the COVID-19 situation. For more information on COVID-19 please visit Vanderbilt’s Coronavirus Resource Website.

SAS Testing Center

Student Access Services provides proctoring services for students who are registered with our office and enrolled in Vanderbilt courses. At the beginning of each semester, students must discuss alternative testing accommodations with instructors. If instructors are unable to provide students with an accessible environment, SAS provides a backup location in our Testing Center (Suite 108). Well before the exam date, students will need to confirm where exams will be taken and what the environment will be.

Exam Requests

If your instructor is unable to accommodate your exam, you will need to schedule your exam using the Commodore Access Portal
  • Once you have logged on to the portal, schedule your exams by clicking “alternative testing”->” select a course”-->” schedule an exam”. 
  • Your exams must be scheduled at the same time and date as the class. If the exam time does not fit within SAS hours (8:30 am- 4:30 pm), or you have another course conflict, contact your instructor for permission to take the exam at an alternative time. (Seats are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.)
  • We do not schedule exams on the same day/day before. All exams must be scheduled at least 3 business days prior to your exam day. You have the ability to schedule all of your exams for the semester on the first day of classes. 
  • You are allowed to make ONE request per exam (i.e. you cannot schedule the same exam for two or more days unless it is to be completed in two parts or you have accommodations to do so).
  • If you schedule an exam at 4:00 PM or later, your request will be considered as scheduling on the following business day.
  • If you schedule late more than 3 times, you will need to meet with the Testing Coordinator to discuss exam procedures.
  • If you schedule an exam and receive a response stating “Testing Agreement not complete. Please follow up with your professor.” This means your exam has been scheduled. However, in order for your request to be approved by our office, your professor needs to complete the Testing Agreement. (please contact our office and your professor if you receive this response.)

Any questions or concerns pertaining to exam accommodations can be emailed to

*If you are a graduate student, please contact your coordinator/instructor about exam scheduling. 
*If you are a Law School student, please contact Chris Meyers about exam scheduling.


Final Exams

During the Spring 2020 Final Exams period, the Testing Center will have extended office hours. We will be open until 8:00 pm Friday, April 21st through Thursday, April 30th (we will remain closed on April 25th & 26th ).
  • Final exams must be scheduled with our office by Friday, April 10th. If not, you will be placed on a waiting list and your request may not be approved for the date/time you are requesting.
  • Your exams must be scheduled at the same time/date as the class. 
  • All final exams taken at our office must begin at 9, 12, and 3 unless it is Computer Science or Engineering (those exams can begin at 2 pm).
  • If your exam is scheduled to start at an alternate time, please contact us immediately