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Request Additional Accommodations - For those already registered with SAS

If you encounter new barriers, emergent needs, or want to modify a current accommodation, you can request additional accommodations by completing the Additional Accommodation Request Form. The steps below will help you with this process.

  1. Log into the Commodore Access Portal
  2. Select the Additional Accommodation Request Form link on the left side of your dashboard:
    additional accommodation request form link highlighted in screenshot
  3. Select the Submit Additional Accommodation Request Form button:
    Submit button highlighted under the text that says if you need to request additional accommodations...
  4. Fill out the appropriate information for semester, accommodations requested, and justification:
    information fields for additional accommodation request form
  5. You should see a confirmation at the top of the next page after clicking Submit Application:
    confirmation stating you've successfully submitted your request. if you do not receive an email confirmation, please first check your junk/spam folder and then contact our office
  6. Upload supporting documentation below the confirmation:
    file upload for additional accommodation request
  7. Your request will we reviewed in the order received.
  8. If/when your additional accommodation request is approved, you'll need to let the access specialist know which courses you want to be modified.