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Queer Teaching, Queer Thriving

Queer Teaching, Queer Thriving: A Learning Community on Inclusive Teaching for All Educators

The Center for Teaching and the K.C. Potter Center for LGBTQI Life are proud to offer a 2023-2024 learning community about ways campus educators may help LGBTQI+ students to thrive academically and socially. Open to all faculty, graduate students, and staff of any background, the learning community will discuss a wide variety of issues: the needs of LGBTQI+ students and faculty on campus, ways to support in response to shifting legislation, the complexities of gender and sexual identities, inclusive course design and teaching practices, building LGBTQI+ community, as well as educator wellness and self-care.

The formats of the meetings will vary, including pedagogical colloquia, panels, and workshops, among others. As a learning community with multiple, thematically-linked events that inform each other, we hope participants attend as many as schedules permit.  If you are interested in attending any or all of the learning community events, please register here and we will contact you as the events develop.

Sign-up here: registration form

When: Every third Thursday from 3-4 p.m.

Where: Online (Zoom)


  • Better support LGBTQI+ students
  • Develop greater institutional knowledge of LGBTQI+ issues
  • Network, develop relationships among LGBTQI+ faculty, staff, students, allies…
  • Parents’ affinity group (folded into employee resource group)
  • Legislative action discussion
  • Build and share a repository of inclusive tools and practices

Workshop Descriptions

Fall 2023 – Best Practices

  • September – Inclusive Language
    • Review common terms for sexuality and gender diversity, and considerations for expansive pronoun usage in your classroom, workspace, and materials.
  • October – Navigating Coming Out
    • Implications of disclosing our own identities and how to support others through their coming out process.
  • November – Communal Methods of Inclusion
    • Join a collaborative/networking space to discuss best practices, and mentorship and communal wellness strategies.

Spring 2024 – Advocacy

  • February – Navigating TN Legislation
  • March – Accomplice vs. Ally vs. Advocate
  • April – Positionality and Inclusive Teaching