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Become a Repository


We are pleased to make available, as of November 16, 2021, the data set series for the AmericasBarometer 2021.  This round is the largest and most sophisticated survey of the Americas to date. Includes 22 countries and over 64,000 interviews.  

All of the data are available for purchase in SPSS and STATA along with the questionnaires for each country (the core module is standard for all countries, but in each country country-specific items were asked).

This round includes a special series of items on Covid-19 pandemic. Also the content focuses on themes that have become viewed as standard for the project: political legitimacy; political tolerance; support for stable democracy; participation of civil society and social capital; the rule of law; evaluations of local governments; corruption victimization; and electoral behavior.

How to Become a Repository

The option to become a data repository (versus subscribe) gives your institution a permanent ownership of the datasets you desire. If your institution is interested in adding to its repository of the AmericasBarometer data, please click here or email Rubi Arana for more information. The pricing is as follows:

  • $250 per dataset for SPSS and STATA files
  • $300 per dataset for ASCII files 
We encourage the use of the LAPOP/AmericasBarometer archive of survey data by researchers world-wide. Data Repository Agreements allow institutions and researchers to acquire as many datasets as they want for a one-time fee. The Repository Agreement states that the repository institution and/or reseracher agrees to follow U.S. Federal Human Subjects rules.

Institutions or individuals interested in becoming a LAPOP/ AmericasBarometer Data Repository, please follow this link to the marketplace. 

All of our institutional data repositories are listed on our site on the Current Repositories screen.

Individual vs. Institutional Data Repositories

We recommend that institutional licenses be purchased by institutional funds. 

Individual:  You should set up your agreement as an individual data repository if you will be the only person using the data and are paying with personal funds.

Institutional:  You should set up your agreement as an institutional data repository if you are using institutional funds and/or more than one person will be accessing the data. The Repository Agreement will need to be signed by an authorized agent from the institution.

Own and Subscribe

You or your institution can choose to both subscribe to the AmericasBarometer series (all available years) and become a data repository for any number of the datasets. 

Should you prefer this alternative, please follow this link.

About data sets prior to 2004:

LAPOP is proud to make available a special collection of surveys, "The Seligson Political Culture Survey Archive", for free download. Click here to go to the download page.

Please Note

    1. The use of these data files is subject to U.S. Federal regulatory mandates pertaining to research involving the protection of human subjects.
    2. Users of the LAPOP data sets should carefully read the corresponding reports and/or articles for details of the sample designs of these surveys. Some of the samples are weighted, others are not. To obtain correct results, for weighted data sets, the appropriate weight variable, normally called WT, must be applied. See technical information for each country and round here. LAPOP is not responsible for errors made in the analysis or presentation of the data by users. 
    3. Repositories are not allowed to transfer data to any third parties.
    4. We ask that repositories provide an appropriate acknowledgement to LAPOP as the source of data. See how to cite LAPOP here. Please also send LAPOP notice of any publications using the data. Please send notices to