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Opportunities Database: Guidance & Definitions

Immersion Vanderbilt (IV) calls for each undergraduate student to participate in an intensive learning experience that takes place in and beyond the classroom and culminates in the completion of a final project. Experiential learning is built upon the idea that students have the capacity to impact their community and develop functional skills alongside their academic curriculum. In other words, experiential learning bridges the gap between classroom knowledge and the realities of that knowledge, allowing students to take on an active role in their educational experience. Experiential learning provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to pursue their passions and cultivate intellectual interests. Immersion Vanderbilt specifically aims to offer an educational component that fosters critical thought, diverse perspectives and equity, ethical reasoning, integrative learning, and intellectual engagement. Students may engage with multiple experiential learning opportunities, which may help to influence what is created for their culminating project.  

What constitutes an opportunity as an immersive experience? 

What defines a successful final project for Immersion Vanderbilt?