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Through Immersion Vanderbilt, students have the option to have their civic and professional immersive experiences and projects recognized on their transcripts. Students who are engaged in service work, design projects, internships, and externships have the potential to transform ideas into action, refine skills, and integrate knowledge with experience.

Approximately 70 percent of graduating seniors report completing an internship during their time at Vanderbilt. Many also engage in design, service projects, or other civic programs. Keep reading to see examples of how current and former Vanderbilt students have made a real-world impact through their civic and professional immersive experiences.

Alli Silitsky, Arts & Science
Major: Psychology

When looking for an internship the summer before her junior year, Silitsky came across a position with the Metro Nashville Office of Family Safety (OFS). This opportunity merged Silitsky’s interests by offering a space where she could utilize her background in psychology while also working in the public sector. Read more.

Catheryn McDowell, Arts & Science
Major: Medicine, Health, and Society

Despite her original plans for Immersion being upended by the pandemic, McDowell's internship with a startup offered her valuable leadership experience in health policy and an opportunity to expand her professional network. Read more.

Jaime Pérez, Arts & Science
Major: Medicine, Health, and Society

Pérez took the initiative to build strong relationships with faculty at Vanderbilt. When it came time for him to submit an Immersion plan, he was able to leverage that support to connect his commitment to the Latinx community with meaningful volunteer and internship experience. Read more.

Abinaya Ramakrishnan, Arts & Science
Majors: Biological Sciences and Medicine, Health, and Society

Ramakrishnan is passionate about the intersection of service and mental health education. For Immersion, she was able to pursue a project that is a reflection of her Vanderbilt experience, allowing her to grow in each of the areas that she values most. Read more.