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Data Science Institute Resources

Welcome to the DSI’s Resource Hub

Discover a world where data science and artificial intelligence converge to create innovative solutions. The Data Science Institute at Vanderbilt is your gateway to the latest in AI research, educational opportunities, and collaborative projects.

AI Training Day 2024

Dive into the evolving world of artificial intelligence with us on March 5th, 2024, at the AI Training Day. This event, tailored for the Vanderbilt community and special guests, focuses on the development and training of custom AI models. Whether you’re a researcher, educator, or student, AI Training Day offers a unique opportunity to enhance your understanding of AI’s practical applications and latest advancements. From hands-on workshops to expert-led sessions, get ready to expand your AI knowledge in a collaborative environment. Breakfast, lunch, and coffee will be provided to fuel your day of learning and innovation.

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AI Showcase: Experience the Future

Join us on April 19, 2024, for an afternoon showcasing Vanderbilt’s brightest minds in artificial intelligence. The AI Showcase features student-led innovations, providing a platform for the next generation of AI pioneers to present their projects. Whether you’re deeply embedded in the tech world or simply curious about the future of AI, this event promises to engage and inspire. Attendees can look forward to interactive presentations, networking opportunities, and a celebration of technological advancement.

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AI Summer

This Summer, dive deep into the world of AI with our intensive institute. From understanding the basics of large language models like ChatGPT to deploying them for real-world applications, our program covers it all. Aimed at researchers, educators, and students, the AI Summer Institute is a perfect opportunity to enhance your skills, collaborate on projects, and contribute to the field of AI. With limited capacity, priority is given to those with a clear research or educational project in mind. Join us for a transformative experience designed to push the boundaries of AI research and application.

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AI Fridays at the DSI

Every Friday from 11am to 3pm, starting January 26th, the DSI opens its doors for a series of AI and data science-focused activities. Whether you’re struggling with data, seeking advice on models, or looking for data science partnerships, AI Fridays have something for everyone:

  • Drop-In Consultations (11am – 1pm): Open office hours for advice on data science projects, best practices, tooling, and technical guidance. Ideal for researchers, students, and lab groups.
  • AI Deep Dive (1pm – 2pm): A focused session for exploring complex research problems with the potential for deep learning solutions. Brainstorm with DSI data scientists and the broader research community to kickstart new projects or directions.
  • Demos (2pm – 3pm): Weekly sessions showcasing the latest data science projects at DSI. Present your work for feedback or learn from others’ updates in an informal setting.

AI Fridays are open to Vanderbilt University faculty, staff, researchers, and students. Join us at the 18th Ave S and Horton Building to dive into data science, find new collaborators, and engage with the DSI community.

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