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Data Science Masters Career Management Center

At the Data Science Institute, we’re committed to preparing the students in our MS Data Science program for success in their chosen careers. Our partnership with the Owen Graduate School Career Management Center provides our students uniquely tailored tools they need to secure top data science positions after graduation.


Our dedicated career coach, Mr. Brook Meissner, serves as the Director of Specialized Masters Coaching and works directly with our Data Science MS program students to help them navigate their post-college career. Mr. Meissner has a wealth of experience coaching students from diverse backgrounds, including a focus on international students while coaching Owen School of Management students. Students can schedule an appointment with Mr. Meissner on 12Twenty to gain valuable insights into their chosen career path and receive expert guidance on securing the right job opportunities.

We understand that our students are driven and determined to succeed, and we’re committed to providing them with the resources and support they need to achieve their professional goals. The Data Science Masters Career Management Center is just one of the many ways we help our students prepare for a bright future.

Heather Yockey is our Director of Employer Relations, with over 12 years of experience at Owen Graduate School of Management. She manages and develops Employer Relations & Recruiting for our Master of Data Science program. Heather brings a unique perspective and valuable insights to her role, thanks to her lived experience in academia and in the event industry. Her guidance and support are invaluable to both employers and students as they navigate the recruiting cycle.

Heather is committed to building strong relationships with employers, understanding their needs, and identifying opportunities to connect them with our talented students. She works tirelessly to ensure that our students have access to a diverse range of employment opportunities and that they are well-equipped to succeed in their chosen careers.

Going back to school
DSI helps former project manager find new career

Teddy Weaver
Vanderbilt DSI MS Data Science 2021
Data Scientist and Engineering, Thyme Care

Searching for and landing a job can be a stressful and time consuming task. And unfortunately, your resume can sometimes be one of thousands in the HR algorithms. A better way to utilize your time might be investing in networking. Here are some places to get started with networking to accelerate your career.

Looking to hone your skills? Join our in-house data science team as they lead you through hands-on workshops during the semester.
A listing of current and past workshops can be found here.