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Initiative on the Future of Learning & Generative AI

The Vanderbilt Initiative on the Future of Learning & Generative AI is a hub for the Vanderbilt community to unlock the potential of the new computing paradigms provided by Generative AI and use it in responsible ways.

Despite being generally available for only a few months, large language models (LLMs), like ChatGPT, are being used to generate creative art, music, essays, and computer programs, giving a preview of the transformational impact LLMs will soon have on society, research, and education. The initiative provides research, workshops, and courses to make Vanderbilt a world leader in Generative AI and help Vanderbilt students and faculty become experts in its use.

Workshops, Courses, & Training
on Generative AI

Explore our collection of stories and articles highlighting our work with generative AI.

Tell Us About Your Generative AI Research or Innovation

We want the Vanderbilt community to see your on-campus innovation with Generative AI. Let us know what you are doing with generative AI so that we can build a catalog of innovation.

Contact Us

We want to hear how we can support your research, pedagogy, and innovation with Generative AI. Reach out to us with any questions that you have about the initiative.

Our Team


Jules White, Director, Computer Science

Interdisciplinary Advisory Board

Advises and helps define the interdisciplinary direction of the initiative

Core Faculty

Leads the educational initiatives and research on Prompt Engineering