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Program Overview

MS in Data Science Program Overview

Data science is an interdisciplinary field focused on extracting knowledge and enabling discovery from complex data. It represents a fusion of principles from Statistics and Computer Science that are applied in domain-specific contexts. As such, critical thinking, communication, and domain-specific knowledge are essential skills. In fact, data science skills are­­­­­­­ now one of the most sought-after skill sets for graduates in a wide variety of quantitative, computational, and scientific disciplines.

The goal of the Data Science M.S. degree is to yield
well-rounded data scientists who can:

  • design computational pipelines for high-dimensional and large-scale complex data
  • acquire and manage massive data sets
  • produce effective displays and visualizations of data
  • build and interpret statistical models for large-scale data
  • implement machine learning algorithms to make predictions and optimize decisions
  • understand the advantages and limitations of competing models
  • effectively communicate the results to experts and non-experts
  • work in reproducible and open-source environments
  • recognize the ethical, policy and privacy implications of data science research






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