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AI Transformer Intensive Jan. 4-7 – Virtual!

Posted by on Monday, December 20, 2021 in Newsletter, Workshop.

Trying to uncover insights from challenging sequential data like audio, text, images, or even DNA? Do you have these types of information-rich data, but often reduce them into a few summarized data points or keywords? Unsure of what to do with the free text fields in your surveys?

Join us January 4th – January 7th from 9am – 1pm CT for a virtual hands-on intensive on AI, focused on using transformers! In this workshop series, you’ll learn how to use, train, and share your models using your own research data.

Why transformers?

The practice of data science is changing with the rise of powerful, flexible and capable models called transformers. With the infusion of context, domain understanding, and standardized feature spaces, transformers allow you to leverage the richness of your complex datasets for enhanced insights and discovery. Transformers allow you to solve many different problems using a single pre-trained model, sometimes with no additional training on your data (“zero-shot” solutions). From text, to images, to audio (“textless natural language processing”), you can identify objects in images, identify concepts in spoken conversations, ask questions about tables of data, and more, all using the same type of model – transformers.

Who should attend?

Faculty, staff, post-docs, graduate students, and undergraduates from all disciplines are invited to attend! Not an expert in AI, deep learning, or programming? No problem. This intensive is suitable for beginners and novices alike, although some Python familiarity will provide the best experience. Researchers are encouraged to bring or have active access to their datasets to use during the workshops. Undergraduate participants are expected to attend all 4 days of the intensive.

What will I learn?

This is a hands-on intensive; in addition to learning about transformers, we’ll be live coding together! At the end of this workshop series, you’ll have a shareable initial model trained on your own data.

The intensive also includes a research match opportunity, where researchers and skilled students can forge new partnerships for research, Immersion, and project teams.

How do I apply?

Register here to attend! Faculty members and staff with more limited experience with Python can participate in pre-workshop training. Contact Jesse Spencer-Smith for information (

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