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Due to Covid-19 we have suspended in-person events until further notice. 

Throughout the year the Curb Center graciously hosts workshops, seminars, panels, and special events designed to educate the public and enrich the arts at Vanderbilt and our community at large. In addition to our annual art installations with attendant programming we also sponsor a number of events across the campus and in our local and regional communities. Highlighted events from the past year can be viewed here.


June 19, 2021, 12 – 5 PM

Nashville Jazz Workshop
1012 Buchanan Street, Nashville, Tennessee 37208

Free and Open to the Public

The Nashville Jazz Workshop and The Curb Center for Art, Enterprise and Public Policy will participate in the Juneteenth Jazz and Art Live Experience, featuring a community art exhibit and children’s interactive art zone.

The Curb Center is sponsoring Nashville painter Omari Booker and glass artist and owner of This Little Light Glass Art Gallery and Shop Betty Turner. Engaging with members of the community, Booker and Turner will oversee the creation of two large artworks. Booker will create an 8’x12’ “paint-by-numbers” mural about musician Bessie Turner, jazz music, Buchanan Street’s influence on music, and Juneteenth, and Turner will create a glass mosaic sculpture of two children joined in a love of music. The band Brassville will lead a community celebration march down Buchanan Street and perform two shows as part of the day’s musical festivities.

Additionally, the Booker and Turner artworks will be featured in the Art of Healing Exhibition, sponsored by the Curb Center and Vanderbilt’s Master of Public Health Program, scheduled to open on September 17, 2021 and run until December 16, 2022.

N2020 Online Art Exhibition
March 3 – August 1

One early January 2020 morning, artist Woke3 stepped out of his home in North Nashville to find the remains of a car engulfed in a raging fire. He interpreted the blaze as a premonition of the year to come. No one, however, imagined what 2020 would ultimately bring to his neighborhood, the city of Nashville, and our nation. Woke selected the following videos, which feature spoken word, dance, and music, and photographs to share how his creative community is processing the year’s seismic events—from a devastating tornado on March 3 to a car bomb exploding on Christmas morning—and offering a path forward.

The Art of Healing Exposition featuring works from the W.H.O. Art to Act for Health will run from September 2021 through December 2022. The Exposition will take place at sites throughout Nashville, showcasing the exciting ways in which our community is using creative arts to foster healing in their own everyday lives and neighborhoods.

Are you using your creativity to cope with how your world has changed since covid-19?  Has your creative expression helped you to deal with the physical and emotional tolls of the last year?  Or maybe you’ve been using your art as a way to express your thoughts and feelings and dreams long before March 2020.  Regardless of when or why you create, we hope you will consider submitting your original art for inclusion in the Art of Healing. Information on submitting your work for inclusion in the show can be found here.