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Facility Policies

Be safe.

These machines must be taken seriously. Remember that X-rays are dangerous. Be aware of indicator lights for X-ray shutters. Do not forget to check that X-rays are off before mounting or removing crystals from goniometer.

For persons with long hair, be aware that the drive belt for the RU-200 rotating anode operates at high speed. Hair can be caught in the belt resulting in serious injury. This has been known to happen.

Be considerate.

Always sign up for X-ray time using the online scheduling tool. The scheduling tool provides the following benefits:

1) All users can view the calendar online to determine who is using the equipment before and after their own time slot. By clicking on the user name in the calendar, a new window pops up with full contact information.

When beginning work, check to make sure the previous user is actually finished. NEVER REMOVE A MOUNTED CRYSTAL BEFORE CHECKING WITH THE PREVIOUS USER.

If you need more time, contact the next scheduled user to discuss options. If you are not willing to use weekend time, the next scheduled user must be allowed to use weekend time up to Monday morning.

Always clean up after yourself. Do not leave crystals mounted on goniometer. Transfer image files and delete unneeded files from the detector’s computer.

2) The scheduling tool and calendar are connected to a database used to record instrument usage data. Keeping accurate records is essential to the future of the facility since requests for new equipment and upgrades to existing instrumentation must be supported by usage data.