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Bruker D8 Venture System

D8 Venture Equipment and Resources

The D8 Venture provides exceptional in-house X-ray diffraction capabilities to researchers at Vanderbilt University. The system is equipped with an extreme brightness Excillum D2+ MetalJet X-ray source employing a liquid gallium alloy jet anode capable of accepting significantly higher power loads than conventional solid metal targets. The liquid gallium anode allows for extremely small electron spot sizes provided using a LaB6 cathode and an electronically controlled focusing coil. A HELIOS MX optic focuses the X-ray beam with multiple options to control beam divergence according to crystal size and unit cell parameters. Crystals mounted on the kappa-axis goniometer can be presented to the beam in any orientation to provide complete coverage of the reciprocal lattice. A PHOTON II charge-integrating pixel array detector allows for low noise, shutterless data collection. . Crystals are mainained at cryogenic temperatures with an Oxford Cryosystems Cryostream 800 cryostat. Data collection and processing is managed using Bruker Proteum3 software for macromolecular crystals and with Bruker Apex3 software for small molecule crystals.

The facility is available for both macromolecular and small-molecule structure determination. The D8 Venture is supported by an award from the Vanderbilt University Trans-Institutional Programs.

The D8 Venture is fully functional and ready for use.

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