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Open a Helpdesk Ticket

Please review the FAQ page and the documentation pages before submitting a help request.

No confidential, export controlled, or proprietary information is allowed in any ACCRE helpdesk tickets, as they are processed through unencrypted email. Do not send passwords in your help request.

All non-rush tickets are acknowledged on the same day if during business hours or the next business day if after hours.

If this is an urgent issue that requires waking an ACCRE staff member AND you will be online for the next two hours to work with the ACCRE staff person, please select a rush ticket.

I prefer not to respondshe/her/hershe/him/histhey/them/theirsze/zir/zirsze/hir/hirs

Have you taken Intro to Unix, or have you had Unix/Linux experience before you got your account?*

Have you taken Intro to the Cluster?*

Have you taken Intro to SLURM, or have you had an account before SLURM was implemented in 2015?*