Research Software Engineering Service

About the Service

Faculty often have research accounts or grant funds, but may be unwilling or unable to hire full-time staff to support their research software development needs. Such faculty would benefit from some type of “liquid workforce” service that provides them with on-demand access to shared technology expertise. These resources, managed by the Office of the Vice Provost for Research, aim to help faculty develop research IT solutions, especially with data-intensive workflows, while also enabling shared technology experts to add value to multiple research programs throughout the university.

What We Offer

These services are dedicated to connecting researchers with consultative and programming solutions, customized to their project needs. This consultative service works directly with researchers to develop a project plan and best practices model for a variety of needs (high-performance computational analysis, programming, storage solutions). Programming needs include: coding for data analyses, simulations and computation in various programming languages (Python, R, Matlab, C, apps for mobile devices, etc.), software development, GIS analysis, and other custom programming solutions.


Programming costs are dependent on level of complexity and time to completion. General software engineering tasks start at $60/hour. Dependent on length of project time and skills needed, we can offer various solutions to fit your need. Please contact us to set up a consultation.