ACCRE Billing: Getting Started in iLab

As a Vanderbilt University core service, ACCRE schedules monthly billing for paid services through the ACCRE core in iLab. Please note, the following are required to submit a service agreement through the ACCRE core in iLab:

  1. Login to iLab with your primary institution:
    1. VUMC iLab
    2. VU iLab
  2. After logging in to iLab with your primary institution, navigate to the ACCRE core by searching under core facilities for “Vanderbilt Advance Computing Center for Research & Education (ACCRE) Core”. If you do not have access to the core yet, type a brief message “requesting access to core” and submit your access request. Access to the core will be approved within one business day.
  3. Make sure that you have a VU Lab to submit VU Core service agreements.
    • VU Cores can assist with creating your VU Lab and assigning the appropriate cost center for scheduling payments. If you need assistance with creating your VU Lab, please email and let them know your Lab name, your primary department, and the funding source you would like to use.

Service Agreements

The following service agreements are available in iLab under the “Request Services” tab in the ACCRE core:

If you have any questions or encounter any issues locating or submitting the service agreements, please contact us for assistance.