accre-forum on Slack

ACCRE users are invited to join the accre-forum Slack team here.

Please register using your or email address and first and last name.

The accre-forum on Slack is hosted as a collaborative for ACCRE researchers to connect for discussing general best practices, troubleshooting techniques, and collaboration on the cluster. ACCRE staff may occasionally make announcements and chime in on discussions, but there is no guarantee of direct support through Slack outside of designated hours. If you need support from ACCRE staff, please open a Helpdesk ticket.

ACCRE has dedicated hours for on-call staff to monitor the general channel on Mondays between 1:30 – 4pm CST and Wednesdays between 9 – 11:30am CST. During this time, a staff member will be available in the ACCRE Forum to answer questions about services, explain available resources, and provide suggestions. The interactive chat sessions will help grow searchable topics and provide updated details about cluster behavior and components. Technical problems that need to be investigated will continue to be handled via the ACCRE helpdesk.

We ask that you please follow the policies for the accre-forum slack team:

  1. Do not share data stored on the cluster via any public channels.
  2. Do not share login information via Slack (or any other mechanism!).
  3. Feel free to create new public channels if necessary.
  4. Be polite and courteous of your peers. Remember, some users are just getting started and may need to be guided towards documentation or additional training.
  5. Keep public discussions centered around the use of ACCRE resources and/tools relevant to the ACCRE cluster.