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Vanderbilt CMS Tier 2

The CMS Tier 2 Center at Vanderbilt University is a joint venture between the Physics group (both Heavy Ion and High Energy) and the Advanced Computing Center for Research and Education. We are the primary computational and data storage resource for the Heavy Ion Program in CMS. This work is funded by the Department of Energy, Office of Nuclear Physics.

We also provide resources for other nuclear physics experiments. Projects for HEP experiments also run on this CMS Tier 2 with hardware funded by the National Science Foundation.

We are an active member of the Open Science Grid.

Additional heavy ion computing and disk resources are at the MIT Tier 2, at the Tier 2ʼs in France, Brazil, and Turkey, and using the tape archive at the Fermilab Tier 1.

The grid consists of two compute elements, one storage element, two frontier / squid servers, and 30 storage depots.

Nagios is used to monitor our status on the OSG RSV Tests and the CERN SAM tests, as well as our PhEDEx transfer rates.

CMS Core Utilization

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