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Affinity Groups

LGBTQI Life Affinity Groups

If you or someone you know is questioning or seeking community for their sexual and/or gender identity(ies), check out the LGBTQI Life Affinity Groups. Affinity groups are an opportunity for Vanderbilt students to come together around a shared identity and/or interest they hold. Affinity groups provide an affirming and brave space for individuals to discuss their needs, challenges, and successes. These groups are free and open to all Vanderbilt undergraduate and graduate students. Groups meet on campus and are peer and staff facilitated.

Affinity groups will begin meeting in October 2014.

QPOC Affinity Group:
First Meeting on October 15th 5-6 pm K.C. Potter Center
QPOC is an Affinity group that seeks to provide space for Queer students of Color on campus. Join us for great conversation, community, and fun!

TGQ Affinity Group:
Meets every Wednesday from 6:30-7:30pm at the K.C. Potter Center
TGQ is an affinity group that seeks to provide space to discuss the continuum of gender identity and expression, particularly for students who identify across the Trans spectrum. Join us for conversation, community, fun, and resources no matter how you identify on the gender spectrum!

Bi/Pan/Fluid Affinity Group:
First Meeting on October 23rd 5-6pm K.C. Potter Center
The Bi/Pan/Fluid affinity group seeks to provide a supportive and brave space for people who want to explore bi/pan/fluid or otherwise non-straight/non-heterosexual identities and experiences. Join us for conversation, exploration, and fun!

For more information regarding the specific Affinity Groups that are offered or if you would like to help start an Affinity Group, contact the LGBTQI Life Program Coordinator, Petey Peterson at petey.peterson@vanderbilt.edu, 615-322-3330, or stop by LGBTQI Life in the K.C. Potter Center.

Affinity groups are gathering spaces organized by the Office of LGBTQI Life. If you are interested in participating in undergraduate and graduate student run and led organizations click here.

If you are looking for confidential support provided by Psychological & Counseling Center staff please visit the Psychological & Counseling Center to learn more about the Continuum group.