Maintaining a healthy lifestyle allows Vanderbilt students to maximize their time at the university to achieve their academic, occupational, and interpersonal goals.  While an individual student’s environment, genetics, and access to health care are significant factors in determining overall health status, a young adult’s lifestyle and habits can plan an even greater role.  The Office of Student Health and Wellness works to coordinate the emotional, physical, and social support services on campus.

Health and wellness can be viewed as a continuum ranging from wellness promotion to prevention to treatment.  An emphasis on prevention and wellness increases the likelihood that more students will be healthy, and fewer will require treatment services for a variety of physical conditions and psychosocial concerns such as eating disorders, sexual violence, and alcohol related incidents.

A comprehensive approach aimed at fostering a culture of health and wellness and responsibility is our objective.  Through a meaningful engagement of the entire student body, our goal is to reduce behavioral and health risks while enhancing opportunities for flourishing within the Vanderbilt community.

On-Campus Resources

Online Resources

  • At Risk: Identifying and Referring Students in Mental Distress is an online interactive program that engages learners in simulated conversations with virtual, fully animated students who show signs of depression, anxiety and thoughts of suicide. This unique feature provides faculty and staff with practice that is essential to increasing their confidence and ability to identify and refer students.
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Office of Student Health and Wellness Staff
2525 West End, Suite #400
615-322-0480, Office Hours: 8:00 am-5:00pm, M-F
Keith G. Meador, M.D., MPH, Associate Dean, Student Health and Wellness
Christiana M. Russell, Ph.D., Director, Student Health and Wellness
Katherine S. Drotos, Program Coordinator, Wellness Programs & Alcohol Education

Health and Wellness Staff

Keith G. Meador, M.D., MPH
Associate Dean, Student Health and Wellness

Christiana M. Russell, Ph.D.
Director, Student Health and Wellness

Katherine S. Drotos Cuthbert
Coordinator, Wellness Programs & Alcohol Education

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