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Parent Information

Keeping your Vanderbilt student healthy and well

Congratulations Vanderbilt Parents,

Your student is now part of the Vanderbilt community. We appreciate you for providing us the opportunity to educate your student. We understand that the transition to college can be stressful, and our goal is to help you and your student manage it. We seek to foster a student culture of well-being and personal responsibility that encourages the healthy lifestyle necessary to achieve their academic, occupational and interpersonal goals.

The Center for Student Wellbeing works with campus partners to provide a comprehensive network of services that are fully integrated with your student’s academic schools and colleges as well as The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons at Vanderbilt. Our offices provide a team of professionals to lend support and counsel when needed. We also educate the students on the risks related to alcohol and substance use.

As young adults enter college, they are faced with the daunting task of navigating the pathways to adulthood. This can be quite challenging without the proper social, physical and emotional supports to help build a sense of resiliency in the student. Health and Wellness can be viewed as a continuum ranging from wellness promotion to prevention to treatment. An emphasis on prevention and wellness can help foster self-efficacy, a sense of community and self-esteem which are three important factors in promoting a strong and resilient student.

Our comprehensive approach is aimed at fostering a culture of health and wellness to help your student flourish at Vanderbilt University. Welcome to Vanderbilt.