July 31st, 2014

Endless Abilities directed by Harvey Burrell


Catch the wave with Endless Abilities, directed by Vanderbilt graduate and Curb Scholar Harvey Burrell

In the spring of 2012, four best friends drove across the country in search of adaptive sports for individuals with physical disabilities and captured their experiences in a feature documentary film, Endless Abilities.  This documentary about turning adversity into achievement tells the story of our ability to adapt, our ability to live.  A special screening of Endless Abilities will be held Friday, August 15, 7 PM, at Sarratt Cinema. Tickets available at Sarratt Cinema Box Office and by phone at 615.343.3361.

When Zach Bastian was sixteen, he took a dirt-bike ride that ended with him paralyzed from the waist down.  Three years later, he got back on his surfboard and caught a wave.  Hoping to inspire others to discover their own endless abilities, Zach and his three best friends, Harvey Burrell, Tripp Clemens, and Will Humphreys “put out an open call to anybody with any disability.  It didn’t matter where you’re from or what sport you were into.”  And then they set out on a cross-country road trip that you will never forget.  Meeting people who’ve overcome disability with sport, from rehabilitation patients to Para

lympic athletes, they went rock climbing with the blind, played soccer with quadriplegics, and swam with those with muscular dystrophy.  This is the story of their journey to “show people—whether they’re paralyzed, blind, or have lost limbs—that they can be active again.”

Harvey Burrell is a recent Vanderbilt graduate (2014) and a Curb Scholar alum.  You can see more about Harvey’s work here.  The Curb Scholar Program at Vanderbilt prepares students to invent and imagine, to develop and implement innovations, and to bring their creativity to serve the public good.  The first of its kind in the nation, the Curb Scholars Program offers students the opportunity to engage in creative practice workshop and leadership salons led by top faculty, artists, and entrepreneurs. Modeled after the career of Mike Curb – philanthropist, founder of Curb Records, and former lieutenant governor of California – the program emphasizes fluency across public and private sectors, commitment to service, and a critical approach to decisions affecting the nation’s creative and cultural life.

This screening of Endless Abilities is the culminating event in this year’s Curb Scholar Opening Retreat.  For more information about the Curb Scholars Program, please contact the Curb Center.

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