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Seniors Give Back

Few traditions are as time-honored as seniors giving back to Vanderbilt financially before they graduate. It’s an effort that dates back to 1915, when 150 seniors pledged to give a total of $15,000 to Vanderbilt. The Class of 2022 will continue this tradition. Consider a gift of $20.22 to honor your time at Vanderbilt and pay it forward to ensure future students have access to the same opportunities you’ve had—and more!

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Welcome to our senior year, Class of 2022!

As seniors and soon-to-be alumni, we hope you’ll join us in making a gift through Seniors Give Back! Seniors Give Back promotes the opportunity to leave your mark on Vanderbilt by making a gift of any size to any area of campus that has been meaningful to you during your time here. The campaign brings us together as a class, allowing us to give back through fundraising and class-focused events to a place that has given us so much over the last four years.

During our time at Vanderbilt, each of us has become involved with something special. Seniors Give Back is an opportunity to commemorate those areas of campus that have been most meaningful to us. Whether it’s your student organization, college or school, Experience Vanderbilt, Opportunity Vanderbilt, Vanderbilt Athletics—you decide where to leave your mark.

Your Seniors Give Back officers,

  • Lilley Salmon
  • Yuhan Gao
  • Berkeley Kendrick
  • Jonathan Po


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