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Wilson Adams

Wilson Adams


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Anita Mahadevan-Jansen





 Wilson Adams CV  

    Areas of Research

Infrared Neural Modulation

Nonlinear Microscopy



    Project Summary


 Our lab first discovered the ability to control neural activity with pulsed infrared (IR) light around 2005. Over the last decade, with the effort of multiple labs around the world, consensus on a biophysical mechanism for how IR light is transduced into cellular signalling phenomenahas not been established. Additionally, the broader effects of pulsed IR on other cell types (e.g. glia cells) have not been explored, which have a major influence over healthy neurological function. Part of my research is observe how IR light interacts with excitable and non-excitable cells at a biophysical and molecular level using advanced imaging techniques such as nonlinear Raman and multiphoton imaging. Additionally, understanding how IR light can non-specifically affect other cell types, such as glia and vascular cells in the brain, is critical for understanding how we can use pulsed infrared light for basic research. Another part of my research focuses on how pulsed infrared light specifically affects astrocytes, a critical cell type in the brain responsible for local and global homeostatic regulation of the brain.


Valentina Benfenati , CNR-ISOF, Bologna, Italy

E. Duco Jansen, Vanderbilt Biophotonics Center