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Laura Masson

Laura Masson


Laura Masson - [ Pubs ]



Anita Mahadevan-Jansen






    Areas of Research

Raman Spectroscopy 

Assessment of Preterm Birth Risk

Women's Health



    Project Summary


waterspectrum.pngMy work focuses on using combined fingerprint and high wavenumber Raman spectroscopy to better understand the process of cervical remodeling in human pregnancy. By identifying biochemical changes in the in vivo cervix, we hope to gain a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying preterm labor, and eventually provide clinicians with a tool for early assessment of preterm birth risk. Raman spectroscopy allows me to track changes in cervical components such as collagen, actin, elastin, blood, lipids, and water over the course of pregnancy in patients who deliver at term compared to preterm. Complimentary optical methods such as nonlinear Raman imaging and second harmonic generation are used to study ex vivo cervical specimens and gain additional insight into cervical structure and biochemistry.


Jeffery Resse, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

J. NewtonVanderbilt University Medical Center

Kelly BennettVanderbilt University Medical Center

Jennifer ThompsonVanderbilt University Medical Center

Emad ElsamadicyVanderbilt University Medical Center

Mack GoldbergVanderbilt University Medical Center