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Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

Infrared light has been shown to activate peripheral nerves in vivo using pulsed laser light; however, translation of infrared neural stimulation (INS) to the central nervous system provides a number of challenges since the exact mechanism of INS is unknown and the anatomy of CNS tissue is different from peripheral nerves.  My research is focused on characterizing INS for stimulation of the cortex in vivo.  I employ the use of optical imaging techniques and electrophysiology to study the effects of pulsed infrared light irradiation of cerebellar and somatosensory cortices.  We have shown that stimulating the rodent brain with infrared light induces hemodynamic responses that are similar to intrinsic hemodynamic responses from natural stimuli,  and studies using electrophysiological techniques have shown that the laser light does not necessarily produce a one to one response as is seen the peripheral nervous system.  We are currently studying the effects of INS on the intracellular calcium concentrations using Oregon Green Calcium dye injected into the cortex.  The results from this study will help further our understanding of the mechanisms of INS and guide future studies aimed at stimulating the central nervous system.


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