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Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor Adventure Programming

Vanderbilt Outdoor Adventures is your go-to for everything outdoors here at Vanderbilt University.  Tennessee is an outdoor playground, and our campus is located within a couple of hours’ drive from some world-renowned rock-climbing, white-water rafting, caving, hiking and so much more.  All of our programs are inclusive of a wide range of backgrounds and abilities and contribute to the mental and physical well-being and academic experience of the university.  We are here to help you pick up new skills, refresh old skills, experience some amazing places, and make lifelong friendships along the way.

For trips, workshops/clinics, and special events information and registration check the Vanderbilt Fusion Member Portal.

Outdoor Recreation Center:

To see the Outdoor Recreation Center students can sign-up for one of our outdoor adventure trips or workshops offered throughout the semester.

Equipment Rental Overview:

For summer 2023, Vanderbilt students can rent sleeping bags and foam sleeping pads from the outdoor recreation center.  Outdoor equipment rentals are by appointment only.  To schedule gear rental or for more information on rentals contact

Climbing Wall:

Located in the David Williams II Student Recreation and Wellness Center, the climbing wall features space for bouldering and ADA-accessible adaptive climbing.  There will be opportunities for belay clinics and top rope climbing during the semester via registration through your Vanderbilt Fusion Member Portal.

Never climbed before and are unsure how to get started? No problem, you can register for an Introduction to Bouldering course or ask a climbing wall assistant for help. We’re excited to welcome experienced climbers and we encourage those with no experience at all to climb!

Climbing shoes, chalk, and climbing tape are provided at the wall at no cost for those who don’t have their own equipment.

Climbing Wall Hours starting:

  • Monday through Friday: TBD

Climbing Policies and Procedures Summer ’23:

  1. Proper climbing procedures must always be followed, and Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness staff reserve the right to suspend any person for violating safety policies for any conduct that is viewed as unsafe or inappropriate.
  2. A climbing wall supervisor must be present before anyone can climb.
  3. All participants must meet with student staff for gear orientation and general guidelines.
  4. Participants must follow all Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center policies.
  5. Participants must be fitted with appropriate shoes and harness (if applicable).
  6. Appropriate pants/shorts, shirt and shoes should be worn when on the wall.
  7. Climbers with long hair must tie their hair back when on the wall.
  8. Participants should wash their hands before and after using the climbing wall.
  9. Food and/or drink are not allowed in the climbing area. Water is allowed on the stairs.
  10. Climbing shoes must be removed when leaving the climbing area, especially to use the restroom (think about it). No climbing shoes off the carpet and mats.
  11. 6 climbers/spotters are allowed on the bouldering mats at one time (15 total in the climbing area).
  12. While bouldering is our focus, we retain the ability and eagerness to belay members who require ADA accessibility or other accommodations.

Contact Us:

Will Brazill