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Intramurals and Fitness Challenges

Program Announcement

The David Williams II Recreation and Wellness Center (Vandy Rec) will continue to operate in a limited capacity for the Spring 2021 semester. The Vanderbilt Intramural program will be available to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. Students must register on IM Leagues and have their Vanderbilt ID present at events. At this time, students who are fully remote are not allowed on campus.

Registration-Intramurals and Fitness Challenges

All Vanderbilt University students are encouraged to participate in Intramural Sports Open Leagues. Further, individuals may participate in accordance with their own gender identity.IM Sports registration will be completed though IM Leagues. Please follow this link to register an IM Leagues account: IM Leagues will house the most up-to-date information for game schedules, communication around weather related cancellations, upcoming events, and playoffs brackets.

Fitness Challenge registrations will be marketed on IM Leagues and will be jointly managed by Strava and IM Leagues depending on the event type. All registration information will be available at Each event will have details on how to compete, dates/times/locations of participation, and any other pertinent information you may need to join the game.

Calendar of Events

Corn Hole

Fitness Challenges

Run/Walk Challenges

Registration Dates: February 8–19 (for Corn Hole, Fitness & Run/Walk Challenges)

Start Date: February 23 (for Corn Hole, Fitness & Run/Walk Challenges)

All Intramural sports season and fitness challenge registrations are online.


COVID-19 Adjustments

The following adjustments to Vandy Rec Intramurals and Fitness Challenge operations have been made in light of the COVID-19 pandemic:

COVID Intramural and Fitness Challenge Policies

  • Students must remain 10 feet apart while engaging in activities.
  • Students must remain 6 feet apart while moving about.
  • The gathering size is limited to 7 participants per session time slot.
  • Masks must remain on at all times including vigorous activity.
  • Fully remote students are not allowed on campus at this time to participate with teams.
  • As activities remain outdoors for the Spring semester, if inclement weather arises or temperatures drop below 32 degrees the Vandy Rec Staff will cancel activities.

Reschedule Policy

Teams looking to reschedule a game or match must contact the IM Competitive Sports stafffor approval. Following staff approval, an email will be sent to both captains to discuss an agreed upon new time and date. IM Leagues will reflect the agreed upon new time and date. Note, opposing captains can reject opponent reschedule requests. Games must be rescheduled in the following calendar week. IM Competitive Sports staff may ask for proof of conflict.

Reschedules can occur for the following reasons:

  • Academic event impacting majority of a team.
  • Holiday event impacting majority of a team.

Forfeit Policy

A team captain wishing to forfeit a game must contact the IM Competitive Sports staff prior to 2 p.m. on game day. A team that fails to show or contact the IM Competitive Sports office will be handed a loss. A team that has more than 2 forfeits in a season will be ineligible for the playoffs. Further, any team that has 3 forfeits in a season will be removed from their league.

Day of Play Policy

While every game will be attempted to be scheduled on the same night, weather, reschedules, and field availability can adjust some game schedules. A team’s full schedule will be posted after the registration period. IM Leagues will reflect all schedule updates and changes.

Playoff Policy

Due to COVID-19 events will be structured in 2 formats. For head-to-head competitions there will be a winner crowned each event after 2 matches. For individual events (disc golf, etc.) winners will be announced at the end of each playing period. A final winner’s bracket will be played at the end of the regular season. During this final playoff period, game days and times will be different from the originally scheduled games. Any potential team schedule conflicts will need to be communicated to the IM Competitive Sports staff to ensure facility availability.

Contact Us

Nick Singer
Assistant Director of Competitive Sports