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Welcome to vanderbilt Intramurals

All Vanderbilt University students and Rec Center members are encouraged to participate in Intramural Sports Leagues. Further, individuals may participate in accordance with their own gender identity. IM Sports registration will be completed through Fusion IM. Please follow this link to register: and log in. Once logged in click on the Intramural tab. This link will house the most up-to-date information for registration, game schedules, communication around weather related cancellations, upcoming events, and playoffs brackets.

Below you will find the schedule of events for the upcoming Fall semester, definitions of certain leagues, and rules for the sports we are offering. With any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out at the contact information below!


Register for our leagues or one-day tournaments here! Click the intramurals tab. From there you will see all of the leagues and one-day tournaments we will be offering throughout the semester. Registration for all of these event will open 3 weeks before the start of the event and close at noon the Friday before the event is scheduled. Registration dates are located below within the calendar of events. Students may register as an individual for certain one-day tournaments or when they are registering as a “free agent” hoping a team adds them to their roster. Students also may register and create a team in which they invite other students to join.

Students may register for multiple leagues, however, they may only register for one division per league. Divisions are broken into days of the week with certain time slots for games. You will play on the day and within the time slot for the division you sign up for. During playoffs, which encompass all of the divisions in a particular league, you will likely play outside of your day and time slot.

See a breakdown of leagues below.


Calendar of Events

League Descriptions:

***Vanderbilt encourages all students to participate in accordance with their own gender identity.

Competitive Leagues: This league is ideally for students who are familiar with the sport and have played it in an organized competitive nature previously. There are no gender requirements for this league.

Recreational (Rec) Leagues: This league is ideally for students who may be new to the sport and are looking for a less competitive and fun environment to play in. There are no gender requirements for this league.

Women’s Leagues: This league is for those who identify as female. There is no specific level of competition associated with this league.

Sport rules do not differ on a league to league basis.

Sport Rules

Click the links below to view the rules for each sport.

3 v 3 Outdoor Volleyball

3 v 3 Outdoor Soccer

Flag Football


3 v 3 Basketball

Indoor Volleyball




Table Tennis



Contact Us

Lynn Smith
Associate Director 


Corinne Zazzaro
Graduate Assistant