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Education and Training Resources for Faculty & Staff

Center for Teaching- Course Design Guide

Please visit the resource guide for managing student stress through effective course design that can be found on the Center for Teaching website:


Online resource provides access 24/7 from computers with internet connections.

At Risk: Identifying and Referring Students in Mental Distress is an online interactive program that engages learners in simulated conversations with virtual, fully animated students who show signs of depression, anxiety and thoughts of suicide. This unique feature provides faculty and staff with practice that is essential to increasing their confidence and ability to identify and refer students. To access this program go to and complete new user information or login as an existing user if you already have an account. The enrollment key is Vanderbilt70.

To access this program, go to and complete new user information using your Vanderbilt email address or login as an existing user if you already have an account.


MAPS (Mental Health Awareness & Prevention of Suicide) is a joint training initiative between the Center for Student Wellbeing and the Psychological and Counseling Center. For more information, please visit .



Contact to inquire about training.



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