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Weekly Wellbeing Practices

Spring  2023 Weekly Wellbeing Practices

Weekly Wellbeing Practices start 1/17 and end 4/24. There will be no Weekly Wellbeing Practices 3/13-3/17 (Spring Break). Contact to arrange accommodations.


  • Drop-in Coaching, 1-2pm, McGugin Tutoring Room 10
  • Meditation Monday, co-sponsored with Peabody OSEW, 1:15-1:45pm, CSW Meditation room and online
    Zoom Link


  • Vanderbilt Recovery Support (VRS) Meeting, 12-1pm, VRS Lounge
  • Drop-in Coaching, 12-2pm, Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center Resource Room 
  • Law School Drop-in Coaching, 2-3pm, Law School Wellness Room 
  • Graduate and Professional Student Meditation, 3-3:30pm, Law School Wellness Room 


  • Vanderbilt Recovery Support (VRS) Pride Meeting, 12-1pm, VRS Lounge (2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month)
  • Drop-in Coaching, 12-1pm, Blair School of Music, Room 2133
  • Drop-in Coaching, 1-3pm, CSW Classroom 


  • Drop-in Coaching, 11am-12pm, McGugin Tutoring Room 10
  • Drop-in Coaching, 2-4pm, Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center Resource Room 
  • Yoga, co-sponsored with BCC, 6-7pm, Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center *Starts 1/12
  • Vanderbilt Recovery Support (VRS) Meeting, 8-9pm, VRS Lounge


  • Meditation, 10-10:30am, CSW Meditation Room 
  • Drop-in Coaching, 12pm-2pm, Virtual
    Zoom Link


Drop-In Coaching

Meet with a CSW coach to discuss concerns impacting your wellbeing or academic success. For example: stress management, time management, organization skills, or positive coping strategies.