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Academic Leadership Development

The Office of Faculty Affairs strives to invest in leadership development for faculty and academic leaders at Vanderbilt. Our program will focus on building strong managerial skills, including: financial literacy; mission and vision setting; team building; communication; and the ability to manage issues. 

Our Academic Leadership Development initiative will be split into three pathways: 

These workshops will be geared toward both new and current department chairs. We plan to collaborate with different Vice Chancellor and Deans’ offices across campus, depending on the topic. ​

Topics included in this pathway: ​

  • Finance Fundamentals

  • Mental Health 

  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion 

  • Connecting, supporting, and motivating others 

  • Essential leadership skills 

This path is open access to any faculty member in a leadership role at Vanderbilt University which includes associate deans, programs directors, Chancellor’s Faculty Fellows, SEC ALDP Fellows and others. These conversations will be geared toward first-hand experiences and scholarship. ​

Programs included in this pathway: ​

  • Pathways to Vice Provost Areas

  • Pathways to Leading at the College/School Level

  • Cross-Functional Programming

A cohort leadership program, set to launch in AY 21/22, will give a group of 15-20 academic leaders an opportunity to delve deeper into certain topics related to academic leadership, including Vice Provost and Vice Chancellor areas. The cohort can also access the general sessions listed above. ​

The purpose of the cohort model is to provide a more focused look at academic leadership and additional resources/tools for these academic leaders. This will provide an opportunity for collaboration with all Provost and Vice Chancellor areas in developing content that will further impact academic leaders. ​

Further details to come. ​