Faculty Appointments

Supporting the Faculty Continuum

Our office collaborates with partners in every college to ensure faculty success at every stage of your career, from hiring to promotion to retirement.

Our Work

Our staff is here to support you and answer any questions concerning:

  • Faculty searches and recruitment
  • Clinical, educator and research track appointments
  • Tenure and promotion
  • Endowed Chairs and University Distinguished Professors
  • Academic leadership searches and appointments
  • Emerita/Emeritus faculty and retirement

Email Us at faculty@vanderbilt.edu

Areas of Responsibilities

The links below will help guide you through the administrative processes required for hiring and appointing faculty.

Faculty Appointments Team

  • Danielle Certa

    Danielle Certa

    Director of Faculty Appointments

  • Megan Cole

    Megan Cole

    Senior Program Coordinator

  • Mary Pizzullo

    Mary Pizzullo

    Program Coordinator

Need Help? Here's Who to Contact

Director of Faculty Appointments Danielle Certa

Faculty Searches and Recruitment

  • Faculty Searches and Recruitment
  • Faculty Records and Systems Stewardship
  • Faculty Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion
  • Managing Office and Overseeing Workflow
  • Support VPFA on work with Provost and Chancellor offices
  • Academic Leadership Searches & Appointments
  • Federal Reporting Compliance
  • Board of Trust Schedules and Requirements
  • Faculty Leaves of Absence

Senior Program Coordinator Megan Cole

  • Endowed Chairs & Directors
  • Endowed Chair Investiture
  • 25-Year Chairs Recognition
  • Appointment to University Distinguished Professors and Distinguished Professors
  • Retired Status
  • Retirement Incentive Agreement (RIP)
  • Emerita/Emeritus Faculty
  • Website Management and Consulting
  • Faculty Data

Program Coordinator Mary Pizzullo

  • Clinical, Educator & Research Track Appointments & Promotion
  • Initial appointment of non-tenure track faculty
  • Reappointment and promotion of non-tenure track faculty
  • Faculty Appointments Project and Task Tracking
  • Training
  • Interfolio Usage Enhancements
  • Faculty Affairs social media

Endowed Chair Investiture