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Administrative Resources

The links below will help guide you through the administrative processes required for hiring faculty. Please contact Danielle Certa, Administrative Manager for Faculty, with any questions or concerns. 


Submit a Request to Make an OfferREDCap is a tool used by the Office of Academic and Faculty Affairs to capture important data prior to an approved request to make an offer. Before an offer to a candidate is made, the information must be submitted via REDCap.


From Search to Signed Offer: A description of important benchmarks in the faculty search process.



Faculty Offers Standard Operating Procedure: This document may serve as a guide to offer packet requirements and provide insight into how the Office of Academic and Faculty Affairs processes the offer request.


How to Create a New Faculty Appointment: A guide to the documentation required for a new faculty appointment.



FIS (Faculty Information System): Access to the Faculty Information System is limited and requires approval by your supervisor and the Office of Academic and Faculty Affairs. For access to the system, you must first complete the relevant security form, downloadable here.


Awarding Emeritus/Retired Faculty Status: Guidance on the requirements and processes associated with awarding Emeritus or Retired faculty status.


 INTERFOLIO | Getting Started

Vanderbilt University manages the promotion and tenure process through an online secure system called Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure. In addition, the University uses Interfolio Faculty Search to administer faculty searches.

To access both INTERFOLIO Tools please use the Vanderbilt University Single Sign On link.
Google Chrome is the recommended browser.

For answers to questions regarding University policies, procedures, and requirements for promotion, tenure and faculty search: 

Danielle Certa
Administrative Manager for Faculty
Office of Academic and Faculty Affairs (OAFA)

For technical support with the Interfolio tools, first contact your school’s identified Interfolio Specialist. If they cannot help you, please contact these representatives of the Academic Affairs Process and Solution Implementations (PSI) team: 

David Donoso, Systems Implementation & Tech. Specialist
Jennifer Evernham, Project Consultant
Carlos Campos, Project Consultant

INTERFOLIO | Training Materials

INTERFOLIO | Faculty Search

INTERFOLIO | Review, Promotion and Tenure

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