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Faculty Mental Health/Wellbeing Resources

Vanderbilt University remains firmly committed to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of all students, faculty, and staff, and the goal takes on even greater significance during the COVID-19 pandemic. We strive to provide the resources for faculty on how to recognize mental health needs and refer themselves and others for further support.

Mental Health & Wellbeing Resources for Faculty


Additional Resources


  • Kognito: At-Risk for Faculty and Staff: is an online interactive program that engages learners in simulated conversations with virtual, fully animated students who show signs of depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide. This unique feature provides faculty, staff, and students with practice that is essential to increasing their confidence and ability to identify and refer students. 
  • MAPS (Mental Health Awareness & Prevention of Suicide): is a joint training initiative between the Center for Student Wellbeing and the University Counseling Center. The UCC/CSW staff will work with campus partners throughout Vanderbilt University to provide skills to students, faculty, and staff to identify and assist those in need of help due to mental health concerns.
  • Go for the Gold: Vanderbilt's award-winning three-step Go for the Gold program can help you achieve a healthier and more productive life by identifying health risks and taking action to reduce those risks.
  • VUMC Healthier You: monthly educational presentations offered to provide information on a variety of topics including nutrition, physical activity, and the psychosocial components of health and well-being.

General resources for faculty mental health & wellbeing: