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Previous Seminars

A searchable table with our previous seminars. If there is a seminar video available, click the link (external link, YouTube). To find seminars available on YouTube, type “watch” into the search bar below. Click on the name of the presenter for more information (external link).

Corinne SimontiAAAS Science2024 04/19Visiting Alum & Publishing in AAAS2024 Spring
Sharon StraussUniversity of California, Davis2024 04/17Earth Day2024 Spring
Carl BergstromUniversity of Washington2024 03/06J.T. Scopes Lecture - Misinformation in Science2024 Spring
Matthew PennellUniversity of Southern California2024 03/01Visiting Researcher2024 Spring
Neil ShubinUniversity of Chicago2024 02/07Darwin Day2024 Spring
Anne StoneArizona State University2023 12/06TB and leprosy: insights into the evolutionary history of past (and present) mycobacterial pathogens using ancient DNA (Trainee-Invited Speaker)2023 Fall
Eyal PrivmanUniversity of Haifa2023 11/29Global Scholars in Residence Visitor (Journal Club)2023 Fall
Nikos VakirlisAlexander Fleming BSRC2023 11/10De novo yeast genes2023 Fall
Neil KelleyVanderbilt University2023 10/27It Came from Beneath The Sea: Fossil Sea Monster Facts and Fictions (Journal Club)2023 Fall
Prosanta Charkrabarty; Scott Egan; Jen MandelLouisiana State University; Rice University; University of Memphis2023 10/19ESI Retreat2023 Fall
Peter and Rosemary GrantPrinceton University2023 10/04Biodiversity Day: Biodiversity and the Evolution of Darwin’s Finches2023 Fall
Liz BarnesMTSU2023 09/08Building Religious Cultural Competence for Effective and Inclusive Evolution Education2023 Fall
Gustavo GoldmanRibeirão Preto, University of São Paulo2023 06/20Signal transduction in the human pathogen Aspergillus fumigatus (Global Scholars in Residence Visitor)2023 Summer
Graham Slater (Earth Day)University of Chicago 2023 04/19Predicting multivariate ecology of fossil taxa from morphological data2023 Spring
Owen JonesVanderbilt University2023 04/10An evolutionary approach to studying cognitive bias in humans and other primates (BSCI Seminar)2023 Spring
Scott Edwards (J.T. Scopes Lecture)Harvard University2023 03/29Exploring bird diversity through genomics, museums and a two-wheeled cross-country adventure2023 Spring
Joan StrassmanWashington University in St. Louis2023 02/24Microbial experimental evolution: social behavior, mutualism, and predator-prey interactions2023 Spring
Richard Lenski (Darwin Day)Michigan State University2023 02/08Time travel in experimental evolution2023 Spring
Trisha WittkoppUniversity of Michigan2023 01/25Molecular and evolutionary processes generating variation in gene expression2023 Spring
Charles SmithWestern Kentucky University2023 01/20The Life of Alfred Russel Wallace2023 Spring
Sohini RamachandranBrown University2022 11/11Challenges at the intersection of population and statistical genetics2022 Fall
Benjamin GoodStanford University2022 10/26Evolutionary dynamics in the human gut microbiome2022 Fall
Toby Kiers (Earth Day)Vrije Universiteit2022 04/20Underground economics: Quantifying trade in plant-fungal networks2022 Spring (Virtual)
Yohannes Haile-SelassieArizona State University2022 04/06Mid-Pliocene hominin diversity: the fossil evidence and why it matters2022 Spring (Virtual)
Eva JablonkaTel Aviv University2022 03/30Evolutionary Origin of Consciousness2022 Spring (Virtual)
Nicole KingUniversity of California, Berkeley2022 03/23The origin of animal cell biology2022 Spring (Virtual)
Henry GeeEditor at Nature, Author2022 03/16A (Very) Short History of Life on Earth2022 Spring (Virtual)
Elisabeth Bik (J.T. Scopes Lecture)Independent Scientific Integrity Investigator2022 03/02The Dark Side of Science: Misconduct in Biomedical Research2022 Spring (Virtual)
J. Arvid ÅgrenUppsala University2022 02/23The Gene's-eye View of Evolution2022 Spring (Virtual)
Corrie MoreauCornell University2022 02/16Ants, Plants, and Bacteria: Symbiosis as a Driver of Evolution (watch)2022 Spring (Virtual)
Beth Shapiro (Darwin Day)University of California, Santa Cruz2022 02/09Climate change and the blending of species2022 Spring (Virtual)
Charlie MoThe Rockefeller University2022 01/31Exploring the interface between CRISPR-Cas systems and bacterial evolution2022 Spring (Virtual)
Carlos TaboadaDuke University2022 01/27Hidden in the canopy: novel biochemical and vascular adaptations for camouflage in leaf-dwelling neotropical frogs2022 Spring (Virtual)
Josh GoldfordMassachusetts Institute of Technology2022 01/20The Emergence and Evolution of Metabolic
2022 Spring (Virtual)
Gianni CastiglioneJohns Hopkins School of Medicine2022 01/13Exploring Protein Biochemistry in Evolution and Disease2022 Spring (Virtual)
Cassandra ExtavourHarvard University2022 01/12From Soma to Germ Line: Birth, Growth, and Transformation of a Novel Gene2022 Spring (Virtual)
Kelley GallagherUniversity of Montreal2022 01/10Evolution of a σ–(c-di-GMP)–anti-σ switch2022 Spring (Virtual)
Arielle WoznicaUT Southwestern2022 01/06Choanoflagellates and the origin of animal immunity2022 Spring (Virtual)
Mohamed A.F. NoorDuke University2021 05/19Book Discussion: Live Long and Evolve: What Star Trek Can Teach Us About Evolution, Genetics, and Life on Other Worlds (Press Release)2021 Spring
Carlos Nobre (Earth Day)University of São Paulo, Brazil2021 04/21The Amazon near a Tipping Point. The Urgent Need for a Novel Standing Forest Bioeconomy (Press Release)2021 Spring
Michael GreshkoNational Geographic2021 04/14Endless forums most beautiful: Evolution, science journalism, and me2021 Spring
Yan YanVanderbilt2021 04/07The intertwined immune and circulatory systems of insects2021 Spring
Noah BradleyVanderbilt2021 04/07Distribution of the superfamily DNA Glycosylase AlkZ in Streptomyces gene clusters2021 Spring
Laura R. NovickVanderbilt2021 03/31Why psychology matters for biology education: Perceptual grouping, evolutionary misconceptions, and reasoning from cladograms2021 Spring
Michael ArcherUniversity of New South Wales, Australia2021 03/24Paleoconservation: Learning from the past, to understand the present, to better conserve the future2021 Spring
Julie AllenUniversity of Nevada, Reno2021 03/10Using bioinformatics and data integration to understand repeat patterns of evolution in avian chewing lice (watch)2021 Spring
Stephanie BirnbaumVanderbilt2021 03/03Interactive effects of pesticides, pathogens, and resistance in a stored grain pest (watch)2021 Spring
Nora SchulzVanderbilt2021 03/03Interactive effects of pesticides, pathogens, and resistance in a stored grain pest (watch)2021 Spring
Kay BehrensmeyerSmithsonian National Museum of Natural History2021 02/24Recycling and the Fossil Record: A Unifying Concept for Ecology and Paleobiology2021 Spring
T. A. McDonaldVU Medical Center2021 02/17The Broader Autism Phenotype Constellations-Disability Matrix Paradigm: A unifying model to explain the nature and increased prevalence of autism based on genetics, assortative mating, and developmental plasticity (watch)2021 Spring
Sean B. Carroll (Darwin Day)University of Maryland2021 02/10A series of fortunate events: Chance and the making of the planet, life, and you (watch)2021 Spring
Michael P. VandenberghVanderbilt2021 02/03The role of private climate governance in the Biden era (watch)2021 Spring
Jonathan M. GilliganVanderbilt2021 02/03The role of private climate governance in the Biden era (watch)2021 Spring
Jada Benn-TorresVanderbilt2021 01/27Genetic ancestry: Our stories, our past (watch)2021 Spring
Gabriel A. Torres ColónVanderbilt2021 01/27Genetic ancestry: Our stories, our past (watch)2021 Spring
Sergio PenaUniversidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil2021 01/19Evolution and Genetic Formation of Brazilians (watch)2021 Spring
Angela SainiIndependent Science Journalist2021 01/13Superior: The return of race science (Book Page)2021 Spring
Karen SearsUniversity of Cal, LA2020 11/18Developmental origins and evolution of bats2020 Fall
Alistair EvansMonash University2020 11/11A universal power law for the growth and form of teeth, horns, shells and thorns2020 Fall
Judith MankUniversity of British Columbia2020 11/04Repeated divergence and remarkable diversity of the guppy sex chromosomes (watch)2020 Fall
Ken Catania & Larisa DeSantisVanderbilt2020 10/28Zombies, Chest-bursters, and ghosts in the darkness: evolution’s spooky science stories (watch)2020 Fall
Terrence W. DeaconUniversity of Cal, Berkeley2020 10/14Falling Up: Evolution’s Complexity Ratchet (watch)2020 Fall
Brandt GibsonVanderbilt2020 10/07Evolution of the oldest macroscopic eukaryotes: perspective from fluid mechanics2020 Fall
Melissa PardiIllinois State Museum2020 10/07The last of ice age giants: climate change as an unlikely driver of Late Pleistocene proboscidean extinctions and extirpations2020 Fall
Stephen FergusonVanderbilt2020 09/30Chemosensory regulation of collective behavior in eusocial ants (watch)2020 Fall
Jacob SteenwykVanderbilt2020 09/30When two become one: the hybrid origin of clinical fungal isolates (watch)2020 Fall
Joan StrassmanWashington University, St. Louis2020 09/23Why are symbioses so common: the amoebae – bacteria case (watch)2020 Fall
Ann ReidNatl Center Sci Education2020 09/16Changing Minds about Evolution and Climate Change in the Classroom and Beyond (watch)2020 Fall
Blaine SchubertEast Tennessee State University2020 09/09The extraordinary Gray Fossil Site of Northeastern Tennessee (watch)2020 Fall
Ann TateVanderbilt2020 08/31Immune system optimization in a variable world2020 Fall
Harmit MalikFred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center2020 08/26Rules of engagement: molecular arms races between host and viral genomes (watch)2020 Fall
Carlo MaleyArizona State University2020 04/08Evolutionary approaches to the big questions in cancer2020 Spring
Marlene ZukUniversity of Minnesota2020 04/01Rapid evolution in silence: Adaptive signal loss in Pacific field crickets2020 Spring
Christopher HousePenn State University2020 02/26Taking astrobiology from the test tube to investigations of other worlds2020 Spring
Jennifer LarsonVanderbilt2020 02/19Not just guilty pleasures: How gossip and social networks facilitate cooperation2020 Spring
Jonathan Losos (Darwin Day)Washington University, St. Louis2020 02/12Using experiments in nature to study evolution in real time: Research on lizard adaptation in the Bahamas2020 Spring
Vagheesh NarasimhanHarvard Medical School2020 02/03Understanding human evolutionary processes through ancient and modern genomes2020 Spring
Amanda LeaPrinceton University2020 01/30Integrating field-based data and genomic tools: an evolutionary approach to human health2020 Spring
Eduardo AmorimUniversity of Cal, LA2020 01/27Reconstructing Medieval History using Ancient DNA2020 Spring
Lawrence UricchioUniversity of Cal, Berkeley2020 01/23Adaptation and constraint through the lens of genome-wide association studies2020 Spring
Kathleen GroganPenn State University2020 01/13Evolutionary genomics, environmental change, and epigenomics in humans and non- human primates2020 Spring
Steven HollonVanderbilt2019 12/04Does cognitive behavioral therapy have an enduring effect or are antidepressant medications iatrogenic?2019 Fall
Glenn BranchNatl Center Sci Education2019 11/20Twists and turns in teaching evolution over the years2019 Fall
Ken CataniaVanderbilt2019 11/13Shock and awe - The astonishing abilities of electric eels2019 Fall
Nicole CreanzaVanderbilt2019 11/6Learning to evolve: The role of learned behaviors in evolution2019 Fall
EVOSTVanderbilt2019 10/30Halloween Special2019 Fall
Michael KohutMaine Medical Center2019 10/16What state policies on teaching evolution do and do not accomplish in Tennessee classrooms2019 Fall
Tony CapraVanderbilt2019 10/09My ancestor was a neanderthal. Should I see a doctor?2019 Fall
Paul AndrewsMcMaster University2019 10/02Physician, know thy evolutionary histroy: How depression helps physicians learn from their mistakes and failures2019 Fall
Jason SteinUniversity of North Carolina2019 09/25The evolutionary history of common genetic variants influencing the human cortex2019 Fall
Ann TateVanderbilt2019 09/18Immune system optimization in a variable world2019 Fall
Suzana Herculano-HouzelVanderbilt2019 09/11Whatever works: A new framework to understand evolution, humans, and society2019 Fall
Antonis RokasVanderbilt2019 09/04Evolutionary Studies at Vanderbilt: What? Why? Who? How?2019 Fall