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Evolutionary Studies trainees and faculty can sign-out books from the Evolutionary Studies Library. Here is a list of our currently available books – they may be checked out from Andy with advance notice in MRBIII 7278. The library is supported through generous donations from faculty, staff, students, and the community.

The Gene's-eye View of EvolutionJ. Arvid ÅgrenAvailable
A Series of Fortunate EventsSean B. CarrollAvailable
Into the JungleSean B. CarrollAvailable
The Origin of SpeciesCharles DarwinAvailable
The Voyage of the BeagleCharles DarwinAvailable
The Greatest Show on EarthRichard DawkinsAvailable
Dinosaur in a HaystackStephen J. GouldAvailable
How to Build a DinosaurJack HornerAvailable
The Sixth ExtinctionElizabeth KolbertAvailable
Seven SkeletonsLydia PyneOut until 2/28/23
Fatal InventionDorothy RobertsOut until 2/28/23
Life as we Made itBeth ShapiroAvailable
Your Inner FishNeil ShubinAvailable
Adaptation and Natural SelectionGeorge C. WilliamsAvailable
The Song of the DodoDavid QuammenComing Soon
Donor List:
  • Andy Flick
  • Tatum Flick
  • Annie Hatmaker