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Darwin Day Lectures

Neil Shubin will give our Darwin Day Lecture for 2024 on February 8th at 3:30pm. More details to follow.

Neil in a blue hat and red coat holding a fossil of Tiktalik
Neil with Tiktalik. Photo from

Below is a searchable table of previous Darwin Day speakers.

Neil ShubinUniversity of Chicago2024 02/09TBATBA
Richard LenskiMichigan State University2023 02/08Time travel in experimental evolutionPress Release
Beth ShapiroUniversity of California, Santa Cruz2022 02/09Climate change and the blending of speciesPress Release
Sean B. CarrollUniversity of Maryland2021 02/10A series of fortunate events: Chance and the making of the planet, life, and youVideo, Press Release
Jonathan LososWashington University, St. Louis2020 02/12Using experiments in nature to study evolution in real time: Research on lizard adaptation in the BahamasPress Release