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Sojourn Theatre Show preview at Vandy

Posted by on Friday, November 22, 2019 in Creative Campus Blog, Uncategorized.

How can we speak honestly and fruitfully across cultural and political divides? A new theatre work by Sojourn Theatre will explore that question during two special performances in collaboration with Vanderbilt University Theatre this week. The performances will take place in Neely Auditorium at 4 pm on November 20 and 7 pm on November 21, and they are free and open to the public.

In collaboration with student actors from VU Theatre, the Sojourn Theatre ensemble is premiering the second act of their play-in-progress Don’t Go, which looks at how strangers interact and how difficult conversations can be breached and maintained. The second act is a modern, compressed re-telling of Antigone with a big twist—the cast for each performance will be made up of four actors and six total strangers who hold different identities and different political ideologies from one another.

The Portland, OR-founded theatre company has built a national reputation on creating powerful performances that combine creativity with civic practice and community engagement. On Monday, founding artistic director Michael Rohd gave an inspiring talk to a group of Curb Public Scholars about the work of bringing arts, public policy, and civic practice more closely together and ensuring that creative projects are led by the communities they reflect, rather than using or displacing them. We can’t wait to see the company’s philosophy in action on the stage!


Written by John Shakespear
Posted November 19, 2019