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Activism at Woolworth on 5th

Posted by on Wednesday, January 15, 2020 in .

This week’s meeting theme was activism. The Curb Scholars were joined by Margaret Campbell Holman, Founder and Artistic Director of Choral Arts Link (CAL), an organization that works to provide choral arts and integrated learning to any child. Ms. Campbell Holman spoke to the scholars about community activism and how it’s important to step out of your comfortability but also use your skills and demographic to make a difference. For Ms. Campbell Holman, activism started over conversation at the dinner table with her family and how their activism inspired her. Ms. Campbell Holman’s father was an attorney who served on the legal defense team for the sit-in participants and the Freedom Riders, including those who protested at the lunch counters at Woolworth on 5th. We discussed culture and how everyone has a culture of one, and she asked everyone in the room, the question, “Who are your people?”

Following our visit with Ms. Campbell Holman, the scholars headed over to Woolworth on 5th to take in the history of the building. It was here where a group of African Americans began the movement to desegregate Nashville lunch counters, for more information on the history go to their website: We went to the gallery upstairs to view the photos from the protests and shared dinner downstairs.

Written by Christine Claffey
Posted on January 15, 2020