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Lauren Vogelstein

Doctoral Student, Department of Teaching and Learning, Peabody College

Embodying Math in Dance

Lauren’s project explores the potential of choreographed ensemble performances with dynamic geometric forms, such as the 2016 Rio Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, as a mode of expressive mathematical activity.  Her work also studies the generative capacity of such performances in designing mathematical learning modules.  Her hypothesis examines placing people within dynamic and material geometries resulting in new forms of engagement in mathematical reasoning, learning, and understanding.  She will create and build large-scale props for use in ensemble constructions of three-dimensional shapes and then analyze the data collected from these interactive performances.

Lauren is a Learning Sciences Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Teaching and Learning in Peabody College at Vanderbilt University, advised by Rogers Hall and Corey Brady and a member of the Space, Learning and Mobility Lab. Lauren’s love of math and dance began at a young age, eventually leading to a BFA in dance from The Ailey School and a BS in mathematics from Fordham University. She worked at the National Museum of Mathematics as an educator, where she developed a movement based mathematics curriculum. Lauren went on to earn a Masters in Learning Sciences from Northwestern University, which led her to Vanderbilt where her research focus bridges dance and mathematics by developing tools and techniques which allow children and adults to use their bodies as tools for ensemble-based mathematical thinking and learning.