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Cryo-EM Project Support – Getting Started

Starting a CSB Cryo-EM Project

The CSB Cryo-EM Facility offers training and consultation in planning EM experiments, sample preparation and imaging, using equipment, and data analysis.

Before pursuing cryo-EM as an analytical technique, one must have a biochemically pure sample. Sample purity must be improved in each investigator’s laboratory. We recommend discussing the project with our staff to build the final-phases of the purification protocol, since some buffers are not compatible with cryo-EM.

Contact a facility staff member to schedule a meeting to discuss your project.  Be prepared to discuss your goals and research plan by providing information on sample quality, complex size and stability, and known strucurtral information.

If you are new to structural biology research or require more assistance beyond preparing grids and using the microscopes, submit a CSB Outreach form for CSB staff scientists to assess how all the available CSB facilities can aid your projects.

CSB Cryo-EM Training

The CSB Cryo-EM Facility is a shared resource for the Center of Structural Biology (CSB). All users share responsibility for careful, error-free usage of the microscopes and other equipment in the facility. Facility usage can be accessed via facility staff, unless the user is a facility-certified microscopist. Microscopists must be trained or certified by the facility director. All facility usage must be logged and authorized.

Titan Krios Access

To request initial access to the Titan Krios, please contact facility staff to receive the most recent schedule and policies.

For recurring users, please complete this sample intake form:

EM Tools Kits and Vendors

The CSB Cryo-EM Facility provides tools and supplies for common use. Regular facility users are advised to stock and maintain their own tool kits.

Common EM supply vendors: