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Cryo-EM Links & Resources

Below are links to serve as a starting points for EM and the Cryo-EM world.  Don’t hesitate to Contact Us with questions.

Access Internal Documents & Resources here, VUNetID protected

Set up an account for ACCRE and SBGrid here, VUNetID protected

General Information

Collaborative Computational Project for Electron Cryo-Microscopy –  Medial Research Council

Getting Started in Cryo-EM – Lecture videos from Caltech

Beginners Guide to TEM – by John Rodenburg

CryoEM101 – Workflow tutorial from University of Utah

Cryo-EM Principles – Yale University, lectures and reading

MyScope TEM Introduction – Australian Microscopy & Microanalysis Research Facility

Cryo-ET and Subtomogram Averaging – Methods in Enzymology chapter by W. Wan & JAG Briggs

SBGridTV – Videos from events hosted by SBGrid on EM, crystallography, structure analysis, computational chemistry and more

Electron Cryo-Microscopy Course 2017 – Lectures from the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Official 2017 Nobel Lectures in Physics and Chemistry at Stockholm University – Lectures on the history and scientific accomplishments in the Cryo-EM field by Richard Henderson, Jacques Dubochet, and Joachim Frank


Tutorials & Techniques

Visualizing Proteins and Macromolecular Complexes by Negative Stain EM – Jove video

Graphene Oxide Grid Preparation – by Thomas G. Martin, Scheres Group, Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK

EM-University – Workflow videos for using Vitrobot, clipping grids, and EPU

RELION – Wiki & tutorial

Software Tools for Molecular Microscopy – WikiBooks

Tomography Software – NoskeWiki

Electron Microscopy – YouTube playlist by SBGrid Consortium

Cryo-EM Images & Common Features Gallery – CryoEM101, University of Utah

Electron Dose Rate Calculator – SubAngstrom

Cryo Sample Prep Complete Workflow: Vitrobot (2-26 min), AutoGrid Clipping (26-36 min), Cassette Loading & Docking (36-43 min) – Caltech


Meetings & Workshops

3DEM meetings and workshops – EMDataResource

Simons Electron Microscopy Center Workshops and Courses – New York Structural Biology Center

Workshops and Symposia at Outside Organizations – New York Structural Biology Center



Unified Data Source for 3-Dimensional Electron Microscopy – EMDataBank

Electron Microscopy Data Bank – Protein Data Bank in Europe

Electron Microscopy Public Image Archive – public resource for raw, 2D electron microscopy images


Mailing Lists

3DEM – Information for the 3DEM Community

CCPEM – Email discussion lists for the UK Education and Research Communities