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Cryo-EM Equipment

Equipment and Resources

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  • Titan Krios G4, 300kV TEM with Gatan K3 BioQuantum and ThermoScientific Falcon3 direct electron detectors: for collecting large dataset of high resolution cryo single particle and tomography data
  • Glacios, 200kV TEM with Falcon4i direct electron detector: for screening vitrified grids and collecting small data sets of high resolution cryo single particle and tomography data
  • TF20, 200kV TEM with 4k x 4k CCD: for collecting negative stain data and screening vitrified grid conditions
  • Morgagni, 100kV TEM with 1k x 1k CCD: for screening and collecting negative stain data


  • 2 ThermoScientific Vitrobots, Mark II and Mark IV
  • 1 Leica EM GP2 plunge freezer
  • 2 Gatan 626 cryo-transfer holders
  • 2 Carbon evaporators
  • 2 Glow dischargers
  • GPU workstations

Other on-campus equipment

  • Helios Nanolab G3 CX, Dual Beam FIB-SEM: for preparing lamella for TEM imaging and other capabilities, see VINSE website for more info