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Lactation Room Locations

Vanderbilt University supports breastfeeding and pumping at work. Lactation rooms located on campus and detailed information about each room are listed below. The Vanderbilt Child & Family Center provides this list as a resource to Vanderbilt faculty, staff, and students, but does not monitor or maintain these rooms. 


Alumni Hall 007

Private room with lounge chair with ottoman, small
table, and Koala Kare changing table. 

The door remains unlocked unless in use. 

Baker Building Suite 900

Private room with a chair, desk, mini refrigerator, electrical outlets, and bookshelf. Medela breast pump is available for use. 

For questions or to reserve a room, contact Alycia Buford at or 615-343-6601.

Central Library – 400FB 

Private room with an armchair, small table, a lamp for dimmed lighting, coat hooks, and electrical outlets available. 


Please see front desk located in the lobby (4th floor) to check out a key to the room. 

Commons Center – 3rd Floor 

Private room is available with a chair and desk.  


Room available upon request. Contact Melissa Vandewater at 615- 322-2848 or

Commons Center – Room 216

Empty study room space with frosted windows, tables, chairs, and electrical outlet.  Room can be locked upon request.


Check in at the Commons Front Desk to reserve the room. Please contact KAnne Koehler at or 615-322-2518 with any questions or concerns. 

Featheringill Hall Room 125

Private room includes a chair, table, Koala Kare changing table, a mini refrigerator, and a sink.


For key access visit room 104. Please contact Lana Hefner at

Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center

Private room with pump, desk, and outlet.  Sink located across the hall.  There is a refrigerator downstairs in the kitchen.  A Medela multi-user pump is available in this room.  Email to reserve the space.


Email to reserve the space.

School of Medicine Basic Sciences (715 C PRB & 6132 MRB3)

Private room with a chair, ottoman, Medela breast pump with sanitizing bags and cleansers.  There is a refrigerator for the temporary storage of breast milk and a kitchenette with a sink. 


For questions contact the Basic Sciences Office of Facilities, Infrastructure and Risk Management at To reserve the room, complete a sign up form

School of Nursing- Student Lounge (1st floor)

Private room with a changing table, rocking chair, small table, electrical outlet. There is a sink available in the student lounge. 


The room is located in the student lounge on the first floor and the door remains unlocked unless in use. Please contact the front desk at 615-322-4400 if you have any questions. 

Stevenson Center Room 1122

Private room with a sink, electrical outlet, lounge chair with ottoman and small table.  
A Medela multi-user pump is available. 



For key access or room reservation, please contact Ginger Hitts at or 615-322-2845.

Student Life Center Room 009 

This space is also a small kitchen space. Chair, sink, and electrical outlet available. 

The door remains unlocked unless in use. 

Vanderbilt Kennedy Center Room 129 

Private room with a rocking chair, lamp, electrical outlet, and nursing pillow. 


Take the elevator down to 1st floor. The door remains unlocked unless in use. For questions, contact Vee Ahlhauser at or 615-322-8150.

Wilson Hall Room 117

A private room with a sink, electrical outlet, lounge chair with ottoman and a small table.  


For key access or room reservation, please contact Ginger Hitts at or 615-322-2845.

1025 16th Avenue S (VUSE – ISIS Building) Room 304

In a private room with a desk, chair, mini refrigerator, and lamp. 


Please sign out a key in the first floor administrative office. For questions please contact Shelly Wolf at

Blair School of Music

Ample rooms available to be made private to accommodate requests as needed. 

Contact Heidi Basgall at 615-322- 7660 or Deanna Schultheiss at 615-322-7651. 

Divinity School

Room is under renovations until further notice. 


Contact Heather Lee at to request available space. 

Ingram Studio Art Center – Second floor Kitchen (Room 240F)

Please coordinate space with Jerry Phillips since this is also the copy room.



Contact Jerry Phillips at

Rand/Sarratt Please contact 615-322-2448 to request space.





If you have any questions regarding lactation rooms or would like to add a location, please contact the Family Services Coordinator at .

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