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Advisory Task Force

The Vanderbilt Child & Family Center's Advisory Task Force (ATF) was established to assess the current programs, resources, and services provided by the Child and Family Center, and to research the changing and complex needs of working families at Vanderbilt to understand and recommend how the department can respond appropriately.

Stakeholder Representation

ATF Committee


The VCFC Advisory Task Force was created to build on the strengths of the current program and address:

  • The scope of services provided to the Vanderbilt community;
  • Accessibility, via an Opportunity Vanderbilt-inspired tuition structure;
  • The conception of a professional development and compensation philosophy for teaching staff; and
  • The physical manifestation of the child care vision in a new facility or neighborhood of facilities.


  • The VCFCATF formed at a first meeting on October 2, 2018 and was provided the precise charge to build on strengths of the current program.
  • Jason Valentine presented on behalf of the ATF at the VCFC October 2018 Town Hall Meeting to outline goals and activities.
  • VCFC has an opportunity to publicize its resources to the Vanderbilt community. A Communications Plan was adopted in October 2018 to provide a tactical structure to communicate the strategic vision.
  • The committee met again on November 1, 2018 and determined to manage the charge by creating four sub-groups of three to four members meeting bi-monthly to support focused research, with whole committee check-ins January and March 2019.
  • Kathleen Seabolt and Laura Nairon provided an update to the Faculty Senate in November 2018 and presented to the Division of Administration leadership in December 2018.
  • Samantha Barclay and Kathleen Seabolt presented to USAC in January 2019. 
  • Additional strategies to be implemented in Spring 2019 include:
    • Designing a more user-friendly website that is easier to locate launching in April 2019
    • The 2018 implementation of a quarterly publication and continued quarterly Town Hall Meetings.
    • Alice Shi, Family Services Coordinator, has sought wider distribution channels for the Elders, Boomers & More newsletter, and hosted a Summer Camp Fair to bring K-12 vendors on campus.
    • The ATF Scope of Services working group informed the Division of Administration Childcare Survey; this was released to approximately 12,000 Vanderbilt employees on March 18, 2019.
  • Updates of activities are provided in the VCFC Quarterly Newsletters. ATF committee recommendations were reviewed in March 2019 to support publication of a report. 

VCFC Advisory Task Force Report 


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