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Part 2 Teaching Online – Introduction


A few days before the course starts, you will share your course with students so they can look around, read the welcome message and the syllabus, and hopefully start exploring the first module. Then the real fun begins! In online teaching, so much of the work of teaching is in the course design and building process.

So, during the term, what does it look like to teach online?  These tasks typically include the following:


  • Check into the interactive parts of your course consistently and in visible ways
  • Respond to student emails within 24 hours
  • Provide timely, focused feedback on student work
  • Set limits on time you invest per day and per week, schedule online teaching activities in your calendar
  • Meet with students individually or in small groups during office hours, or study sessions
  • Keep notes and collect data about successes and growth areas in course design


Part 2 explores practices for successfully leading and facilitating an online student cohort. These pages include:

Assessing Student Needs in Your Online Course

Cultivating Joy and Connection in Online Classrooms: Icebreakers and Beyond 

Communicating with Students

Interacting Asynchronously

Synchronous Meetings Overview

Leading Synchronous Online Discussions

Project-based and Dynamic Collaborative Learning

Adaptive, Hybrid, and Socially Distanced Pedagogy – Coming soon!

Grading and Feedback – Coming soon!

Office Hours and Q&A Sessions – Coming soon!

Working with Subject Librarians

Assessing Student Needs in Your Online Course




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