Why I Give

Tell Us Why You Give to Vanderbilt

Thank you for your generous contribution to Vanderbilt. With your investment, you are part of a special community of support that includes more than 50,000 alumni, students, faculty, parents, staff, friends and community members yearly.

Because you play such an important role in strengthening Vanderbilt's mission to educate, discover and lead, we would love to hear your story about why you give to your area of interest. To tell us why you choose to support Vanderbilt, please fill out the form below.

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why i give

Vanderbilt is an integral part of Nashville. I give to Vanderbilt to support my local community.

Katie Payne, BA'08, MACC'09
Oak Leaf Society Member

The only way that I was able to attend Vanderbilt was with the assistance of scholarships. Vanderbilt continues to help students from diverse backgrounds afford a college education. I give because I feel it is important to support students financially.

Dr. Sharlene Newman, BE'93
Oak Leaf Society Member

What we learned at Vanderbilt was the impetus for us to become dedicated community volunteers and advocates for those in need of assistance in reaching their educational goals.

John and Ruth Stepulis, MSN'77
Oak Leaf Society Members

Supporting the university financially is one way I demonstrate my gratitude to the place that prepared me for life beyond its boundaries.

Kathryn Pothier, MBUS'09
Oak Leaf Society Member